Japanese University & Record Label Hold Student-Only Artist Discovery Project

In response to the Coronavirus that has kept many university students indoors, Space Shower Music and Waseda Music Records , a music label officially recognized by Waseda University, have joined forces for “Michikai.” The student-only artist discovery project aims to identify music talent that has been inhibited by the pandemic. The winners will receive sound source releases from SPACE SHOWER MUSIC as well as key exposure on its music channel SPACE SHOWER TV. The entry recruitment has been ongoing since September and will last until October 31. Here are some accompanying words from Space Shower Music and Wasea Music Records respectively.

SSM: “In this era where anyone can become an artist, the spread of the new coronavirus infection faced by college students in the transitional period of their lives. Under such circumstances, in order to expand the possibilities of university student artists who are losing opportunities for activities, we will carry out an artist discovery project that will serve as a bridge to the future.

WMR: We pass by many things and people on the way of our choice. There are times when a wonderful “Michikohi” that makes your dreams come true comes to you. However, it will be difficult for everyone to do such a “road exchange”. That is why we want to meet you. We named this project “michikai” in the hope that it will be an encounter that will help you realize your dreams. You chose music, to make that decision tangible from your memories and not to end your dreams with dreams.

You can check out the full curriculum along with information regarding qualification and entry here.

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